Benefits of Oligonol

Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

Maintaining a healthy weight is an increasingly common concern, both in the United States and around the world. Not everyone gains weight in the same place though. People who have a pearshaped body have smaller waists and carry fat around the hips. People who have an apple-shaped body, on the other hand, have larger waists and accumulate fat around the belly. This kind of fat, known as visceral fat, can collect around the organs and is considered more dangerous than regular fat, because it interferes with normal metabolism. A person doesn’t even have to be overweight to suffer the consequences of visceral fat.

Studies by Duke University and Hokkaido Information University as well as other institutions suggest that Oligonol has beneficial effects on metabolic syndromes, including:

  • Dropping visceral fat levels 7-15% over 6 months
  • Reducing levels of triglycerides and lipid peroxides (fats that have been attacked by free radicals)
  • Regulating special hormones in fat tissues to facilitate fat metabolism