Skin Damage

Anti-Aging Effect of Novel Low Molecular Polyphenol “Cysteinyl-Oligo-Proanthocyanidin

Presented at the 16th International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine (ICNIM). August, 2008


Polyphenols proved to have antiallergic, antioxidative, antibacterial, and anti viral effects in in-vitro studies, but their high molecular weight made them less penetrable to the skin and cells. Oligonol®-CS contains low molecular weight oligomers, resulting in higher skin permeability.

Study Design

Oligonol®-CS solution was used topically twice a day on left half of face, while a placebo was used on right half of face. Skin parameters such as skin elasticity, effect on noticeable pores, pigmentation, moisture and oil content, and wrinkles were measured at baseline and after 2 months.


In vivo and in vitro data reported that Oligonol®-CS:

  • Possessed strong UV protection activity and anti-oxidative activity.
  • Prevented Maillard reaction and inhibited MMP-1 production which helped protect the collagen and elastin damage in the skin leading to the improvement of skin wrinkles and skin elasticity.
  • Improved wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • Reduced skin thickness in Oligonol®-CS applied area compared with placebo. and these results can be attributed to the improvement of barrier function.
  • Noticeably improved pores.
  • Contributed strong antioxidative and UV protection resulting in improvement of pigmentation.



“Based on these findings, Oligonol®-CS can be used as an active cosmetic ingredient with various functional activities for future cosmetic product development.”